Easy on the ear, our CD and cassette-based programmes can give you a better way of influencing the productivity and, ultimately, the profitability of your organisation - just by talking.

Speech is one of the oldest ways of passing on information and, quite naturally, we all respond with more ease and understanding to the spoken word rather than to impersonal memos and even videos.
Our Business Radio programmes
rapidly cover many business areas in a relaxed and friendly manner and have been successfully used by many national and international clients. We do as much, or as little, as our clients feel necessary.

We take the brief, research the items, arrange the interviews, make the coffee, edit the programmes, write the scripts, arrange the duplication and delivery of the finished programmes and have a lie down in a darkened room at the end of it all! At every stage we keep the client informed as to what's happening and we make sure that they retain total editorial control.

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